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22 February 2015 – Fundraiser 

The event was characterised by bright African traditional attire (refer to pictures). The weather was also good for the occasion – all in spirit of bringing fruits to the Lord.

The event started as usual with some devotions led by Rev Dr SX Xapile and immediately a group of young kids from Khayelitsha entertained the congregation with traditional songs and dance.

This is done more to relax all members as the day has a hype of competition between zones. Immediately after that, the first zone was called and the rest followed in the selection order. Part of the celebration is for all members and visitors to receive fruit as a form of refreshment and enjoy the At 12h00 every zone had submitted their fruits and the results were announced as follows after Rev

Dr SP Xapile had made his words of encouragement to the work well done by the congregation

This work well done and although members felt it was a difficult financial year, we did well.

Report by Zukile Duma

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