Youth Fellowship

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1. Name:
The name of the fellowship shall be the `Uniting Presbyterian
Church in Southern Africa Youth Fellowship’ (UPCSAYF) here
after referred to as `Youth Fellowship’ (YF).
2. Vision: 
Advance the Kingdom of God in a manner befitting the Church and consistent with God’s word.   
3. Mission:    
To present Christ as Lord and Saviour to the Youth – both  believers and not yet believers
4. Aims:   
The aims of the Youth Fellowship shall be to: 
  • Empower and encourage the youth to be witnesses of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Word and in deed, and promote Christian values in their lives.
  • Strive for unity within the body of Christ, inter alia, so that resources can be optimised for building the church and missionary outreach.
  • Encourage the Youth to discover their talents and spiritual gifts, and to pledge these and their resources to building the  kingdom of God and uplifting the community through projects related to issues such as Health issues, justice, social equality, poverty alleviation, etc.

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