Movement for Change and Social Justice (MCSJ)


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Movement for Change and Social Justice (MCSJ) is a newly established forum in Gugulethu that seeks to respond to community needs and challenges.

JL Zwane as a community sensitive church was part of its formation and is an active participant in all its activities.

On Wednesday the 24th of May a march took place from the KTC clinic where a health worker was killed on his way home after work.

This was one of many incidences of violence and murder at this particular clinic.

The purpose of the march was two-fold: It was to  urge  the community of  Gugulethu to be active participants towards a crime free community.

Secondly, the march  to the police station was to deliver a memorandum  of demands to the police, urging them to intensify their fight against crime and to as k for a mobile police station to be placed at the police station.


It so happened that the Deputy Minister of police was in the area and he came along to receive the memorandum with the chief of the police in Gugulethu.

A promise was made by the DM that a mobile police station would be placed at the clinic within 2 weeks.

JL Zwane and the newly found forum are in constant conversations with the newly founded forum, carving a way forward towards a crime free Gugulethu.

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